OGY Staking Simulator

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Deposit OGY into the ORIGYN governance canister.
Staking Calculator
Use the sliders below to define your Staking Variables.
Token: OGY(1 OGY ≈ 0.070 USDC)
Staking Value: 0 OGY 0 USDC
Lock Period:  2 year(s)
Initial Staking Ratio: 58 %
Time Period Analysis: 64 months
* The advanced options above have an impact on the Staking Ratio and its evolution as illustrated on the graph.
Total Staking Value0 OGY 0 USDC
Total Reward Value  for 2 year(s)0 OGY
Total Reward Rate11 %
Reward multiplierWith your lock period of 2 year(s), you have a 1x reward multiplier.
Voting PowerFull Voting Power during 2 year(s) from now on.
1 day @ 0.03 %
0.00 OGY
1 week @ 0.26 %
0.00 OGY
1 month @ 0.92 %
0.00 OGY
1 year @ 11.00 %
0.00 OGY
Graphical representation of the result of Staking Ratio and Reward Rate with evolution over time
Your results: Aug 22
Actual Reward Rate: 5%
Reward level: 1x
Actual Staking Ratio: 59%
Full Voting Power
Remaining time before end of locking period: 23 months

Frequently Asked Questions

About Origyn Foundation
ORIGYN is a Swiss foundation dedicated to identifying, authenticating and unlocking powers of ownership for objects of value. The foundation is the first pan-industry platform built on DFINITY’s Internet Computer (ICP). Artificial intelligence represents the core of ORIGYN’s detection and authentication framework, and the foundation uses advanced AI on decentralized computing to unlock new forms of value for some of the largest consumer verticals in the world, including art, digital media and luxury. ORIGYN was founded in Neuchatel, Switzerland and operates in major technology and blockchain hubs globally, including a research and development division located in Manhattan Beach, California.
What is the ORIGYN Token ?
ORIGYN token (henceforth OGY) is the native token of the ORIGYN platform. OGY is the principal mechanism for the creation of ORIGYN certificates of authenticity and are required to interact with the platform.
What is Vesting ?
Vesting is a term used to describe the fact that an asset is fully under the ownership of an investor. Crypto projects often use long-term token release vesting schedules for token sale investors. This effectivley locks an investor into their given tokens for a lengthy period of time.
What is Staking ?
Token holders will be able to stake their OGY tokens to gain voting power. Staking involves locking OGY tokens in the OGC to support the security and operations of the ORIGYN network. The voting power is linearly proportional to the number of tokens staked. Tokens that are locked due to vesting are treated like staked tokens until they are removed by the owner and reallocated.
What is voting power ?
Tokens with lockup periods of >= 12 months will generate voting power. The voting power (VP) is defined as follows : VP = # of staked OGY with a lockup period >=1 year. To prevent short-sighted voting outcomes, the minimum lockup period is set at 1 year. That is to say, tokens with lockup periods >= one year have the same VP. Those with lockup periods < 1 year have no VP.